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China Coal Group Sent A Batch Of Mining Single Hydraulic Props To Alxa

Date: 2022-03-04     Tag:  China Coal News Ship     Tag:  Browsing volume:1023

On the afternoon of March 4, a batch of mining single hydraulic prop equipment is load in the fourth workshop of intelligent equipment manufacturing of China Coal Group and will be sent to a mine in Alxa, Inner Mongolia. At present, the 62 models of hydraulic pillar products independently developed and produced by our group have obtained the national mining product safety mark certificate, and the products have been exported to 162 countries and regions, winning a good reputation and reputation in the industry!

The mining single hydraulic prop delivered this time has been innovated and improved to overcome the defects and problems of DZ (piston) single hydraulic prop. It has many advantages, such as large working resistance, light weight, long service life, large working stroke, low cost, convenient operation, wide range of use and good stability, Since it was put into the market, it has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad, and the market sales volume is very good.

As a national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, a national designated manufacturer of special equipment and accessories for coal mines, China's top 10 operating equipment enterprises, an excellent enterprise in China's machinery industry, a demonstration enterprise of the manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship platform of the Ministry of industry and information technology, a gazelle enterprise in Shandong Province, an enterprise technology center in Shandong Province, an enterprise with outstanding industrial contribution award in Shandong Province, a demonstration enterprise of integration and innovation of industrialization and industrialization in Shandong Province As an innovative enterprise of "One Enterprise One Technology" in Shandong Province, China Coal Group actively responds to the requirements of national safety production, strictly controls product quality, strives to improve product quality and safety level, and actively carries out mining product safety certification. The group now has more than 200 national mining product safety certificates and more than 140 product patents, It has strong comprehensive strength in mining product safety R & D and production and manufacturing.

In 2022, China Coal Group will further strengthen the innovation and research and development of new intelligent products, improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the integrated development of 5g, AI technology and artificial intelligence, develop and produce more high-quality, high-tech intelligent products, and make more contributions to the development of China's high-end equipment industry!

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