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Precautions for Maintenance of Buried Scraper Conveyor

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When the scraper conveyor is put into use, attention should be paid to check the tightness of the scraper chain, because the connection between the chutes will make the gap smaller. If the chain is too loose, there will be accidents such as chain jamming, chain skipping, chain and chain dropping. The inspection method is to reverse the conveyor belt and count the number of elastic rings. The bending of the machine should be appropriate, and there should be no "sharp bends". The bending part should not be smaller than the eight-section chute. When moving, pay attention to the cooperation of the front and rear hydraulic jacks to avoid sharp bends. In addition, it may also cause the dislocation of the chutes, resulting in chain breakage and chain loss accidents. In particular, pay attention to the fact that the scraper conveyor cannot be dragged when it is stopped.

The scraper conveyor should be flat. Restricted by the structure of the chute, it can only adapt to the changes of 3-5 in the vertical direction, so the bottom plate of the working face should be partially flat, and the flat laying of the scraper conveyor is conducive to the operation of the scraper chain, which can reduce the wear and power of the chute. consume. When blasting, the transmission parts and pipelines of the scraper conveyor, the cables of the unit, and the switches must be protected. When the scraper conveyor is transporting iron and long materials, safety measures should be taken to avoid casualties.

Excessive bending is not allowed at the lap joint between the end of the groove and the middle groove. In particular, pay attention to the vibration of the coupling, check whether there is vibration when the scraper conveyor is started, and clean the protective cap and liquid regularly to protect good heat dissipation conditions. After deciding the type of scraper conveyor, the appropriate scraper chain form should be determined according to the type of material selected. If powder materials are to be conveyed, the scraper conveyor should try not to use roller chains; secondly, according to the layout and transportation of process equipment Length, correctly select the length and composition of the conveyor trough.

Determine the model and specification of the scraper conveyor according to the maximum conveying capacity required by the process. After the scraper conveyor is selected, in its working process, whether it is horizontal or vertical conveying, after the material enters the closed tank of the human body from the feeding port, under the action of the scraper thrust, the gravity of the material itself, and other external forces, the bulk material forms a sufficient volume. Internal friction. The internal friction of the scraper conveyor is large enough to overcome the external frictional resistance of the machine groove and its external friction when the material is transported, as well as the gravity of the vertically transported material, so that the material forms a relatively stable whole. Under the action of the scraper chain, the transportation is completed. , until the material reaches the specified position.

Precautions for Maintenance of Buried Scraper Conveyor

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