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China Coal Group Clinches Dual Honors in Shandong Competition

Date: 2023-09-08     Tag:  China Coal News Clinches Dual Honors     Tag:  Browsing volume:355

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Sinomach Trade Union organized a labor competition for employee innovation and efficiency in the province. After qualification examination, departmental preliminary review, and expert review, the provincial Sinomach trade union chairman's office meeting determined and announced the employee innovation and efficiency achievements The list of winners and craftsmen in the digital technology industry were selected. The technological innovation and application of China Coal Group's new type of sealed and anti-wear mining suspension single hydraulic prop won the third prize of Shandong Provincial Employee Innovation and Creation Achievement. Han Yong, the General Manager of the group, won the 'Shandong Provincial Digital Technology Industry Craftsman' title.

The selection and accreditation of the 'Shandong Provincial Staff Innovation And Creation Achievement Award' closely revolves around the field of digital economy, promotes the steady improvement of digital economy, and focuses on the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, industrial Internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Key industries in the digital economy such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Relying on the 'technical innovation and application of new sealed and anti-wear mine suspended single hydraulic prop' technology, our group independently researches and develops and produces mine single hydraulic prop products with many advantages such as large working resistance, long service life and low cost. The research results were applied to the manufacturing and upgrading of mine support equipment, which improved the production efficiency and quality of intelligent equipment, and was successfully selected for the Shandong Provincial Employee Innovation and Benefit Achievement Award.

The selection and recognition of 'digital technology industry craftsmen' aims to fully implement the reform goals and tasks of building a team of industrial workers, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsman spirit, build an army of knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative workers, and create a craftsman-building brand . Han Yong, the general manager of our group, was successfully selected as a craftsman in the digital technology industry by virtue of his solid professional ability, outstanding innovation ability and superb technical level. As a leader in the digital economy industry, Comrade Han Yong has always adhered to the craftsman spirit of persistence, excellence, meticulousness, and pursuit of excellence. He is down-to-earth and hard-working, using the craftsman spirit to build a solid foundation of ideals and beliefs, improve knowledge and skills, and sharpen his character of responsibility and dedication. , played a demonstration and leading role, and made outstanding contributions to promoting the high-quality development of China Coal Group.

China Coal Group has always attached great importance to the company's scientific research and innovation capabilities and technological application levels. Internally, on the one hand, it continues to strengthen investment in informatization and intelligent R&D of products and technologies, and extensively recruits domestic and foreign leading technical talents to join the group. At the same time, it closely follows the guidance of the national development strategy and has successively established special technology R&D centers in many provinces and cities, is committed to technological breakthroughs and product application upgrades; on the other hand, it insists on encouraging front-line employees to innovate production processes and techniques based on actual work conditions, and actively organizes employee job skills competitions based on job characteristics to inspire employees to 'learn technology, compare skills, and Love the post' work enthusiasm. Externally, the company closely connects and communicates with first-class universities and research institutes at home and abroad. By strengthening technical cooperation with scientific research institutes, key universities, and industry-leading enterprises, the company improves the construction of the company's industrial R&D system and enhances the company's overall R&D strength.

In the next step, China Coal Group will continue to increase investment, focus on talent training and innovation capabilities, follow the path of 'innovation-driven development' with firmer determination and belief, provide high-quality talent support for the digital economy in Shandong Province, and help Promote high-quality development of the digital economy industry in Shandong Province.

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