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What Are The Precautions For The Operation Of The Coal Mine Scraper Conveyor?

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1. Be sure to send a signal before the transfer machine starts. After no one is working on or near the transfer machine, first turn it on 2 or 3 times, then start it officially.
2. When the transfer machine is used in the flat roadway of the coal mining face, the moving method can be moved by the winch of the winch, the horizontal cylinder of the hydraulic support and the hydraulic cylinder of the special setting.
3. The mobile machine for mining the working face, the power supply must be cut off immediately after the end of each shift and when the driver leaves the machine, and the clutch is opened.
4. The crusher is mainly used to crush large coal and vermiculite to prevent the belt from being damaged and ensure the normal operation of the retractable belt conveyor.
5. Commonly used crusher types include cone crusher, jaw crusher and wheel crusher.
6. The driver of the crusher must pass the training and pass the examination and be certified to work.
7. The crusher should be started under no load conditions. The time of two jog movements is not less than 90s, and the number of continuous jogs is not more than 5 times.
8. When handling large pieces of coal, rock and concrete on the transfer machine, the crusher should be locked.
9. The crusher should check the operation of the slip clutch three times a week to ensure safe operation.
10. In the absence of a centralized control system, the start of multiple scraper conveyors should be started from the outside to the inside in the direction of the reverse coal flow.

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