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How to choose the right chain scraper conveyor

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The choice of chain scraper conveyor is like people picking clothes. You must choose the right one, not tall. Therefore, before determining the customization, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of current chain scraper conveyors and the choices method.

The selection of the conveying system should compare its advantages and disadvantages as follows: investment, maintenance and operating costs, efficiency, reliability, ease of use, adaptability of the process, pollution and environmental impact.

Most equipment manufacturers can provide information on the conveying distance, conveying height, and corresponding conveying capacity of various materials in various forms.

Consider the available site space that may affect the choice of scraper chain conveyor type. Research the basic types of equipment that can be used. Choose the most suitable equipment type based on efficiency and applicability, investment and maintenance, and operating costs.

Knowing the size of the material being conveyed helps to determine which  scraper chain conveyor to use. Generally, spiral  scraper chain conveyors and buried chain scraper conveyors have restrictions on the size of the conveyed materials, but belt and similar conveyors have no restrictions.

How to choose the right chain scraper conveyor

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