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Measures to ensure effective operation of Chain scraper conveyor

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During operation, the chain scraper conveyor is likely to be interrupted due to the interference of external factors, so we must always pay attention to the effective operation of the chain scraper conveyor. In order to achieve this goal, what effective measures need to be taken on the scraper conveyor?

First of all, it is necessary to keep the chain scraper conveyor running in a flat and straight condition as much as possible. The scraper conveyor is allowed to have certain bending in both horizontal and vertical directions. This is designed to adapt to the working surface and roadway transportation. It does not mean that any vertical and horizontal bending of the body is reasonable.

Once the scraper chain conveyor turns a "bend", the bending angle of the chute joint will be too large, causing the chute joint to be damaged by excessive force. After the chute connector is damaged or lost, the chute joint loses control. When the chute joint is bent, there is a gap between the chute joints, and the coal powder leaks to the bottom chute, which will increase the running resistance or cause a blockage accident. If the scraper conveyor is not evenly laid, the joints between the scraper and the chute at the overlap of the chute will wear out, which will increase the running resistance, shorten the service life, and even affect the work of other supporting equipment.

Secondly, it is necessary to improve the effective running time of the scraper chain conveyor. Under the condition of a certain load, the higher the working utilization rate of the equipment operation, the greater the conveying volume, which is beneficial to the full performance of the scraper conveyor and is to increase the output. And effective ways of economic benefits.

Therefore, every effort must be made to reduce downtime during operation. Generally, no-load operation of the scraper chain conveyor is not allowed, because no-load not only shortens the effective running time, but also causes waste of electricity and ineffective wear and tear of parts. If the scraper conveyor fails during operation, as long as the scope of the failure is no longer expanded, temporary maintenance measures should be adopted to maintain the equipment to continue to operate, and the handling of the accident should be postponed to the free time of the maintenance shift or shift to avoid downtime , To extend its effective running time.

Measures to ensure effective operation of Chain scraper conveyor

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