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How to solve the chain break of the slime chain scraper conveyor?

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Most of the slime transportation uses chain scraper conveyors. This type of conveyor is mainly driven by chains. Once the chain breaks, this is one of the common failures in chain scraper conveyors, and the entire conveying system is paralyzed. What are the main reasons for the fracture of the slime chain scraper conveyor chain?

The scraper chain not only bears a large static load during work, but also transmits a large transport load. In addition to dynamic loads generated by starting or sudden braking, there are also dynamic loads during normal operation. The former kind of dynamic load is easy to damage the potential of the chain. The latter kind of dynamic load is small, but it acts repeatedly for a long time, which is the main reason for the fatigue damage of the chain of the chain scraper conveyor.

When washing mixed coal and the corrosive water in the scraper chain conveyor trough, the chain links will produce rust spots and cracks, which will weaken the section and reduce the strength.

The chain will be rubbed with the middle groove and sprocket for a long time, so that the cross-section diameter of the chain is reduced and the strength is reduced.

The scraper chain of the scraper  chain conveyor is too tight, which increases the initial tension of the chain. When the chain is jammed, there is no room for buffering. Increase the tension load of the chain link.

It can be seen that the scraper chain conveyor should pay more attention to the load when operating, observe carefully, and deal with problems in time.

How to solve the chain break of the slime chain scraper conveyor?

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