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Introduction Of Pipe Chain Scraper Conveyor Knowledge

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1. Components Pipe Chain Scraper Conveyor includes driving box (driven box), 8-tooth sprocket, motor reducer, conveying chain with disc, and conveying pipeline.

2. Summary Both sides of the driving box (driven box) of the tube Chain Scraper Conveyor are provided with branch pipes, and the branch pipes are connected with the driving box (driven box). The 8-tooth sprocket is installed in the driving box (driven box). The material pipe is connected by a flange. The two ends of the feeding pipe are connected to the branch pipes provided on both sides of the driving box (driven box) respectively, and the conveying chain passes through the feeding pipe and the inner hole of the branch pipe and is connected to the driving sprocket in transmission. The cross-sectional shape of the feed pipe is circular. The conveyor chain includes horizontal chain links and vertical chain links that are both anchor chain-shaped, and a disc is fixedly installed on the vertical chain link, and the disc is circular. The conveyor has a simple and reasonable structure, can be used in narrow and irregular spaces, and is widely used in material transportation. According to the different requirements of the user's site space, the tube Chain Scraper Conveyor can also be used for horizontal, inclined or vertical lifting occasions, and can realize the conveying application of multiple inlets or multiple outlets. At the bend of the pipeline, a reversing sprocket can also be provided for chain reversal.

3. Advantages:

1. The tube Chain Scraper Conveyor has a simple and compact structure, which can be arranged horizontally, vertically, curvedly or three-dimensionally.

2. According to the user's on-site usage, it can feed in multiple ports and discharge multiple ports to realize a set of pipe chain, multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging.

3. The conveying material is always in a closed state from the inlet to the outlet flange, and it can be ensured that no dust leaks into the environment during transportation.

4. There is no need to install a dust collector at the outlet, just simply exhaust, which can meet the requirements of modern enterprises for environmental protection.

5. Nitrogen can be used for protection during transportation to meet the transportation requirements of flammable and explosive powder and granular materials.

Introduction Of Pipe Chain Conveyor Knowledge

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