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What Are The Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Scraper Chain Conveyor?

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What are the important factors to consider when buying a Scraper Chain Conveyor? Due to the actual production needs of the user, the conveying equipment has been designed to produce a variety of different series.

1. The environmental conditions for the operation of the conveying equipment. Because most warehouses are operated under air-conditioning and lighting, belts, bearings and drive units must be specially selected for special temperature conditions. Although the warehouse is in a relatively clean environment, the Scraper Chain Conveyor system may need to connect a cleaner area with a harsher environment such as a waste paper box area. Some items must be isolated based on health and safety factors. These factors will also affect the design of the conveying system and storage area.

2. Examine the selection of conveying equipment. Because the surface of the conveyed goods is in direct contact with the Scraper Chain Conveyor, the characteristics of the goods directly affect the selection of equipment and the design of the system. The characteristics of the conveyed items including size, weight, surface characteristics (soft or hard), processing speed, packaging method and center of gravity are all factors to be considered.

Therefore, when selecting the Scraper Chain Conveyor equipment planning, all items to be transported should be listed as smaller and larger, heavier and lighter, sealed and unsealed. For example, lighter items may not be able to make the sensor actuate, and smaller items will also affect the choice of equipment type, such as logistics drum type or belt type. For some cumulative Scraper Chain Conveyors, the weight distribution range of items has an important influence. When planning, the main system does not need to process all items. It may be more economical to process less commonly used items in a two-system or manual way.

What Are The Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Scraper Chain Conveyor?

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