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Scraper Conveyor Which One Is Better

Date: 2021-09-27     Tag:  Scraper Conveyor Has Structure Scraper Conveyor     Tag:  Browsing volume:798

Scraper Conveyor has a series of advantages such as simple structure, flexible line layout, airtight conveying, multi-point loading or multi-point unloading, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, and a wide range of materials. During operation, it will also Due to various reasons, there are some failures, among which the accumulation of materials is a kind of failure that is more likely to occur in the Scraper Conveyor, which involves a wide range of areas and the reasons are more complicated. Any part of the Scraper Conveyor may have a phenomenon of accumulation.

In practice, it is found that common material accumulation faults mostly occur at the head, tail, overturning section, upper turning section, etc. The following is only a brief analysis of the causes of the head material accumulation failures in these parts and the corresponding treatment measures.

In order to prevent material accumulation in the head, the following measures can be taken:
(1) Let the Scraper Conveyor material be discharged as far as possible at the middle discharge port, so that the residual material brought to the head is as small as possible, and the head discharge port is not closed.
(2) When the discharge port must be closed, corresponding measures can be taken according to different discharge types.

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