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The Role And Advantages Of Scraper Conveyor

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The scraper conveyor is pulled by a scraper chain, and the conveyor that transports bulk materials in the tank is called a scraper conveyor. The adjacent middle groove of the scraper conveyor can be bent to a limited extent in the horizontal and vertical planes is called a flexible scraper conveyor. Among them, the working surface conveyor whose fuselage is bent at 90 degrees at the intersection of working surface 1 and the transportation lane is called "corner scraper conveyor". In the current coal mining face, the function of the scraper conveyor is not only to transport coal and materials, but also the running track of the shearer, so it has become an indispensable main equipment in the modern coal mining process. The scraper conveyor can maintain continuous operation and production can proceed normally. Otherwise, the entire coal mining face will be in a state of shutdown and the entire production will be interrupted.
working principle
The working principle of the scraper conveyor is to use the open chute as a bearing part for coal, gangue or materials, and fix the scraper on the chain (to form a scraper chain) as a traction member. When the driving part of the machine head starts, the sprocket on the driving head shaft rotates, so that the scraper chain circulates and moves the animal material along the chute until it is unloaded at the machine head. The scraper chain bypasses the sprocket and runs in a stepless closed loop to complete the transportation of materials.
Advantages of scraper conveyor
1. Solid structure. It can withstand the impact, collision, smashing, pressure and other external forces of coal, gangue or other materials.
2. It can adapt to the needs of uneven and curved bottom of coal mining face, and can withstand vertical or horizontal bending.
3. The body is short and easy to install.
4. It can also be used as a track for the operation of the shearer.
5. It can run in reverse, which is convenient to deal with bottom chain accidents.
6. It can be used as the fulcrum of the front section of the hydraulic support.
7. Simple structure, feeding or unloading at any point along the conveying length.

8. The casing is airtight, which can prevent dust from flying and polluting the environment when conveying materials.

9. When the tail is not equipped with a casing and the scraper is inserted into the stock pile, it can be picked up and transported by itself.

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