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Improvement And Design Principle Of Split Scraper Of Scraper Conveyor

Date: 2021-11-10     Tag:  Scraper Conveyor Chain Scraper Conveyor Coal Mining Scraper Conveyor     Tag:  Browsing volume:317

The scraper conveyor generally includes a frame and a scraper chain. The frame is provided with a driving device for driving the action of the scraper chain, and a tail wheel device for driving and guiding is also provided on the frame. The purpose of the technology introduced in this article is to provide a split scraper for a coal mining scraper conveyor in order to solve the technical problem of high scraper loss in the prior art in view of the deficiencies in the above-mentioned background technology.

The current coal mining scraper conveyor is equipped with a guide rail on the frame to facilitate the movement of the scraper in the guide rail. However, due to the large friction between the scraper and the guide rail, the scraper is further increased by the gravity of the material. The friction between the plate and the guide rail increases the useless work of the machine head, causing mechanical loss and energy loss, and due to the increase of the tension on the main shaft, it often leads to fatigue fracture of the main shaft. In addition, when the scraper of the existing chain scraper conveyor is installed, the scraper is fixed and welded, which cannot be adjusted, and the damage rate of the scraper is high.

Improvement And Design Principle Of Split Scraper Of Scraper Conveyor

In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, the technology of this article adopts the following technical solutions:

The split scraper of the chain scraper conveyor includes a scraper connection assembly and two scrapers respectively connected to both sides of the scraper connection assembly. The scraper connection assembly includes a rectangular box body, and both ends of the rectangular box body The two ends of the rectangular opening are both convex arc-shaped structures, and a hinge shaft is horizontally arranged on the arc-shaped opening. The plate includes an upper ear plate and a lower ear plate. The upper ear plate and the lower ear plate have corresponding connecting holes. One end of the scraper is provided with a connecting shaft, and the connecting shaft is in interference fit with the connecting hole. A plurality of transmission teeth are arranged on the outer surface of the bottom plate of the rectangular box body along the axial direction of the rectangular box body.

Compared with the existing coal mining scraper conveyor technology, this technology has the following beneficial effects:

The technology of this article provides a split scraper for a coal mining scraper conveyor. Since the scraper is connected to the rectangular box by a connecting hole and a connecting shaft, the scraper can be adjusted axially relative to the rectangular box, and the scraper The connecting shaft of the board and the connecting hole on the rectangular box adopt an interference fit. During the transportation of the scraper, when the resistance of the scraper is large, the interference fit has a certain elastic deformation space, which can buffer the resistance of the scraper. In order to reduce the deformation of the scraper and reduce the loss rate of the scraper, the scraper used in this technology can save the guide rail of the scraper in the prior art when setting the frame, thereby reducing the scraper and the machine. The friction between the frames correspondingly reduces the mechanical loss and energy loss, and can also extend the service life of the spindle and the scraper.

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