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Chain Scraper Conveyor Shall Be Reasonably Operable

Date: 2022-01-11     Tag:  Chain scraper conveyor     Tag:  Browsing volume:170

It reminds customers to be alert to the reasonable operability of chain scraper conveyor. Improper operation of the conveyor line will not only harm the conveyor line itself, but also affect the loss of production materials, the decline of efficiency and the increase of production cost. Sometimes more serious cases will involve personal safety. We hope customers will always remember that the conveyor line needs reasonable operation.

Therefore, the above factors of idler shall be fully considered in the type selection, design and calculation of chain scraper conveyor. Especially for chain scraper conveyor with long haul distance, large volume and high speed, the strength of conveyor belt needs to be increased a lot, and the weight increase range is also very high. Therefore, it is necessary to select large configuration power as storage to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. The reasonable configuration power is the normal power consumption, and the large configuration power of the conveyor causes a large loss of abnormal power.

Chain scraper conveyor tightens the support of the circular conveyor belt by using the transmission drum and redirection drum. The grooved bearing idler and lower parallel idler are used as the carrier of the conveyor belt. The transmission drum drives the conveyor belt to operate for continuous material transportation.

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