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Use And Maintenance Of Scraper Conveyor

Date: 2022-01-11     Tag:  Scraper conveyor Chain Scraper Conveyor     Tag:  Browsing volume:716

When the scraper conveyor is put into operation, pay attention to check the tightness of the scraper chain, because the connection between chutes will reduce the spacing due to operation.

If the chain of scraper conveyor is too loose, chain jamming, chain jumping, chain breaking and chain falling off the track will occur The inspection method is to reverse the Chain Scraper Conveyor and count the number of loose links. If there are more than two completely loose links, the chain needs to be tightened again.

The bending of the scraper conveyor shall be appropriate and there shall be no "sharp bend". The bending part shall not be less than eight chute sections. When moving, pay attention to the mutual cooperation of the front and rear hydraulic jacks to avoid sharp bend. Otherwise, the chute will be staggered, resulting in chain breaking and chain falling accidents. Special attention shall be paid to that the conveyor cannot be moved when it is stopped

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