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Scraper Conveyor,Chain Scraper Conveyor Features

Date: 2023-06-30     Tag:  Scraper Conveyor Chain Scraper Conveyor     Tag:  Browsing volume:472

Scraper Conveyor not only has a large conveying capacity, but also has a long transport distance, stable and safe operation, can continuously transport materials, easy to realize automation and centralized control, for the high production and efficient mining industry, Scraper Conveyor,Chain Scraper Conveyor is the most suitable conveying equipment

The Scraper Conveyor is not only retractable, but also has a belt storage bin, which allows the tail of the conveyor to follow the surface. The Chain Scraper Conveyor is compact and can be laid directly on the floor of the harbour road without a foundation. When the conveying volume and transport distance are large, the drive can be configured in the middle to meet the requirements. According to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be conveyed as a single machine or as a horizontal or inclined transport system with multiple units to convey materials.

Scraper Conveyor itself has these characteristics, so that it is widely used in many industries, especially in metallurgy, coal, transportation, hydropower, chemical and other enterprises, because Chain Scraper Conveyor has a large conveying capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, strong versatility and other characteristics. Of course Chain Scraper Conveyors are widely used in many heavy industries, but also in light industries such as building materials, electricity, food and clothing.

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