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Commissioning Regulations After Installation Of Scraper Conveyor

Date: 2023-03-28     Tag:  Scraper Conveyor Scraper Conveyor Installation Scraper Conveyor Debugging     Tag:  Browsing volume:195

In the previous article, we mentioned that the installation of the scraper conveyor should comply with the above requirements, and the debugging after installation is also extremely important. The commissioning regulations are as follows:
(1) Before commissioning, it is necessary to arrange personnel to check whether the oil injection amount of the reducer is appropriate, whether the cooling water is connected, whether the fasteners at each part are fastened firmly and reliably, whether each oil injection part is filled with oil as required, whether the hydraulic coupling is filled with sufficient water medium as required, whether the assembly of the scraper chain is correct, and whether the connection and placement of the power supply and signal line are correct and reliable. Clean up the site and remove obstacles from the nose and tail of the aircraft.
(2) After the inspection is completed and the entire line of personnel is arranged to be parked, the electrician should first jog the head and tail motors respectively, observe for abnormal noises, and check whether the rotation directions of the head and tail motors are consistent. Generally, the tail motor should be started earlier than the head motor, with a delay of 0.5-3. Then follow the electrician to start the scraper conveyor. The observer shall check whether the motor and reducer have abnormal sound, and the temperature shall not suddenly rise. Check whether the engagement between the chain and sprocket is normal, whether there is chain jumping phenomenon, whether there is jumping phenomenon when the scraper chain runs to the transition slot or middle section of the machine head, and whether there is any blocking phenomenon during the operation of the scraper chain. If there is a problem, a dedicated person should be assigned to cut off the power and guard the power off switch and lock it. A work sign "No power transmission, someone is working" should be hung at the switch, and then the commissioning and installation should be conducted again until the equipment operates.

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