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Safety Requirements For The Use Of Scraper Conveyors

Date: 2023-03-28     Tag:  Scraper Conveyor Safe Use Of Scraper Conveyor Requirements For Scraper Conveyor Use     Tag:  Browsing volume:277

The safe use of scraper conveyors is the most important part in the work process. In this article, I will introduce the requirements for the safe use of scraper conveyors, hoping to be helpful to you.
(1) In order to prevent the motor from being blocked or burned due to heavy load starting, it is necessary to start the scraper conveyor first, and then load coal onto the scraper conveyor (the coal mining face starts the scraper conveyor first, and then the coal mining machine), to ensure that the scraper conveyor starts without load, and to prevent forced starting.
(2) Strictly implement the shutdown troubleshooting and shutdown inspection system. After shutdown, hang a warning board at the switch that says "Someone is working, no starting", and lock it with the coal mining machine. It is not allowed to clean the scraper conveyor during operation. When handling floating chains, it is not allowed to pedal the scraper chain.
(3) When the scraper conveyor is running, do not load large pieces of coal and gangue into the chute to avoid accidents caused by jamming the scraper chain.
(4) Rotating parts or transmission parts (such as hydraulic couplings of motors and reducers, transmission chains, etc.) shall be provided with protective railings or covers as required. The tail of the machine shall be provided with protective plates, and pedestrian bridges shall be provided where the scraper conveyor is crossed.
(5) During operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the tightness of the scraper chain and the operation of the reducer. Frequently check the temperature of the motor and bearings. If the scraper chain is found to jump or have scratches, the sound of the reducer is abnormal, and the temperature of the motor and bearings is too high, it is necessary to immediately stop the machine for inspection.
(6) The cables on both sides of the scraper conveyor should be carefully hung according to regulations, especially the cables moving in the coal mining face must be well managed to avoid accidents caused by falling into the chute and being scratched or broken.
(7) Try to stop the scraper conveyor under no-load condition. Before stopping coal discharge at the working face, the coal in the chute should be hauled clean. If there is no coal, it cannot be idle for a long time.
(8) During blasting, the entire equipment, especially water pipes and cables, must be protected.
(9) When using the hydraulic coupling, it is necessary to designate a dedicated person to carry out maintenance, inject water medium or flame retardant liquid according to the specified requirements, and the working medium used is not allowed to be changed randomly, and it is not allowed to bring pulverized coal into the working chamber. After the fusible alloy plug has melted, it is necessary to eliminate the fault immediately before replacing it.

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