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Maintenance Steps For Scraper Conveyor

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Maintenance steps of scraper conveyor:
1. Adjust the tightness of the scraper conveyor scraper chain and ensure that the tightness of the two chains is consistent. Adjust the scraper chain by adjusting the tensioning screw. If the tensioning screw stroke is insufficient, replace the scraper chain.
2. The fixation of the connecting ring and the scraper should be checked one by one. In case of looseness of connecting bolts and falling of scraper. Stop the machine for processing.
3. When the wear of the scraper conveyor chains on both sides is inconsistent, resulting in the inclined operation of the scraper, it can be gradually corrected by changing the left and right sides. When the wear of the chain link exceeds 25% of the original diameter, it should be replaced.
4. Regularly check the operation of the head and tail wheels, and replace them when the teeth of the head and tail wheel chain grooves are worn by 1/4 of the original diameter.
5. Any scraper that has been deformed or bent should be replaced.
6. In case of looseness or falling off of the intermediate groove cast stone plate during use, it should be replaced immediately to avoid jamming the scraper conveyor chain.
7. When the tensioning screw is not in use, it should be coated with grease. To avoid rusting and tightening.
8. If the tensioning screw is rusted and cannot rotate, it should be replaced.

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