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Suitable Scope Of Scraper Conveyor

Date: 2023-03-31     Tag:  Scraper Conveyor Suitable For Scraper Conveyor Scraper Conveyor Type     Tag:  Browsing volume:220

In the previous article, we described that the scraper conveyor can be divided into light (P ≤ 40kW), medium (40kW<P ≤ 90kW), and heavy (P>90kW) based on the rated power of a single motor. Today, I will explain the suitable scope of different types of scraper conveyor.
(1) Inclination angle of coal seam: transported upward, with the maximum inclination not exceeding 25 °; Downward transportation: it shall not exceed 20 ° and also serve as the coal cutter track; When the inclination angle of the working face exceeds 10 °, anti-skid measures should be taken.
(2) Coal mining technology for long wall working faces: light duty, suitable for blast mining working faces, or small-scale mechanized mining working faces; Medium size is mainly used in general mining faces; Heavy duty is mainly used in fully mechanized mining faces. Scraper conveyor can also be used to transport coal in alleys and contact holes, mining area alleys, and up and down hills.

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