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How to get rid of the floating chain of the chain scraper conveyor

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The conveyor that uses a scraper to drag the bulk material in the tank is called a chain scraper conveyor. chain Scraper Conveyor The opposite middle groove of the scraper chain conveyor can be bent to a limited extent in the horizontal and vertical planes.

The working principle of the chain scraper conveyor is to use the open chute as the inner coal, grind stone or material, etc., and fix the scraper on the key bar (comprising the scraper key) as the inner traction dipper. When the tip of the plane is robbed, the young stalks on the tip shaft of the plane are robbed, so that the scraper gong will be circulated and sent off. The stolen material will be robbed in the chute until it is unloaded at the tip of the plane. Dry work is steplessly closed and circulated to complete the transportation of materials.

The chain tightening device of the chain scraper conveyor head is really good. You can tighten the chain with a few screws easily. When the chain needs to be tightened and cut, the maintenance work is really much easier!

For a long time, in the long-term material transportation process of the scraper chain conveyor, the chain is prone to jump chain and floating chain production accidents after the chain is worn and elongated. Once the scraper conveyor fails, it will affect the continuous transportation capacity of the scraper conveyor. Will increase the work of maintenance workers. In this regard, the technicians carefully observed and thought about the scene, and re-designed and installed a new type of chain tightening device on the machine head. The chain tightening device is composed of two threaded screw rods. The lower ends of the screw rods are respectively connected with a pair of sliding bearings. , A small sprocket is fixedly installed between the sliding bearings. When installing, let the chain pass through the sprocket smoothly, and the other end of the screw rod passes through the supporting point with a round hole and tightened with screws. When it is necessary to tighten or cut the chain, only need to tighten the screw above the screw support point to complete the chain tightening or chain cutting work. The efficiency of the chain tightening is significantly improved, and it is well received by the maintenance workers.

How to get rid of the floating chain of the chain scraper conveyor

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