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Measures to be taken when the chain of the chain scraper conveyor is broken

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Chain scraper conveyor is the main transportation equipment in coal mining face. With the improvement of coal mining mechanization, the coal transportation of chain scraper conveyor is relatively large, and if it is not maintained in time or improperly, it is easy to cause chain breakage and seriously affect safety production. When the chain of the chain scraper conveyor is broken, corresponding countermeasures should be taken to effectively reduce and prevent the chain broken.

(1) Adjust the sprocket of the scraper chain conveyor in time so that the teeth of the sprocket are used symmetrically; when the two sprocket wear are inconsistent, replace the two sprocket to balance the force of the two chains, and the scraper of the two chains in operation Not oblique.

(2) Insist on using a hydraulic coupling, start with no load to reduce the impact load on the chain; when there is more coal in the chute, the coal on the chute must be cleared, and the tension of the chain should be reduced when starting to extend the service life of the chain.

(3) After the scraper chain of the  scraper chain conveyor has been used for a period of time, remove the chain and turn it over 90 degrees to continue using it, exchange the position of the horizontal scraper chain link and the vertical scraper chain link, and extend it by changing the worn parts. The service life of the chain.

(4) Scraper chains of chain scraper conveyors with the same length and similar degree of wear should be used. It is best to use the new and old scraper chains symmetrically to prevent the chain pitch from being different.

(5) Prevent the scraper chain of the scraper chain conveyor from being too tight or too loose. The easiest way to check the tightness of the scraper chain is to reverse the motor head and tighten the bottom chain. If there are more than two at the head The completely slack scraper chain link requires re-tightening of the scraper chain.

(6) The chain scraper conveyor must be flat and straight during use, that is, the conveyor must be flat and the working surface in a straight line. Avoid sharp bends of the scraper conveyor; there should be no floating coal at the bottom of the chute of the chain scraper conveyor, and the floating coal should be removed in time to reduce the resistance of the scraper chain in operation.

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