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Portable Gasoline Rock Drill

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The portable gasoline rock drill is a tool used to mine stone directly. It drills blastholes in the rock formations so that explosives can be put in to blast the rocks, thereby completing stone mining or other stonework projects. In addition, it can also be used as a destroyer to break hard layers such as concrete.

Introduction to Machinery

The portable gasoline rock drill is driven by a gasoline engine to drive the impact piston that impacts the drill rod. The rotation of the ratchet makes the drill rod rotate on the rock to impact the rock. The impact piston moves up and down, and the exhaust gas enters the center hole of the drill rod to impact the rock. Outside the powder blowing hole, there is a hard alloy drill bit of 28-40mm as required under the drill rod, and alloy drill bits of different hardness are equipped according to the different hardness of the rock. According to the size of the required hole, the alloy drill bit of different size can be replaced, which is suitable for drilling and blasting in various mines.

Among them, portable gasoline rock drills are also called internal combustion rock drills. Because its gasoline engine is small in size and easy to carry, the overall drilling machine weighs only more than 20 kilograms and does not need to be equipped with any auxiliary equipment. It only needs to install the drill rod and the drill bit can work. Therefore, it is suitable for mines with no wind, no power source, and less developed traffic. Drilling holes in the rock can be drilled vertically downwards and horizontally upwards less than 45°, and the deepest vertical downwards is up to six meters. The machine is easy to operate, time-saving, labor-saving, and has the characteristics of fast chiseling speed and high efficiency. It can work in high mountains, flat land, in the extreme heat of 40° or the severe cold area of minus 40°. This machine has a wide range of adaptability.

Portablegasoline rock drillsare widely used in mines, road construction, quarrying, fire fighting, geological prospecting, national defense projects, etc.

Portable Gasoline Rock Drill

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