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Main Types Of Scraper Conveyors

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A conveyor that uses a scraper chain to transport bulk materials in a trough is called a scraper conveyor. The adjacent middle groove of a scraper conveyor that can be bent in a limited degree in the horizontal and vertical planes is called a bendable scraper conveyor. We need to be familiar with the main types and usage of scraper conveyor.
Main types of scraper conveyor:
(1) Divided by chute layout and structure: overlapping and parallel, open bottom and sealed bottom.
(2) Classified by the rated power of a single motor: light (P ≤ 40kW), medium (40kW<P ≤ 90kW), and heavy (P>90kW).
(3) According to the unloading method and structure of the machine head, it is divided into end unloading type, side unloading type, and vertical (90 °) turning.
(4) Divided by the number and arrangement of scraper chains: medium single chain, side double chain, medium double chain, and triple chain.
(5) According to the structure of the traction chain, it is divided into sheet sleeve chain, removable die forging chain, and welded circular ring chain.

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