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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Chain Scraper Conveyor

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Before purchasing a chain scraper conveyor, we suggest that you might as well be familiar with the conveyor, and have a basic familiarity with the structure and applicable boundaries of the conveyor. About the organization in the chain scraper conveyor such as the transportation carrier, the transportation interval, and the transportation environment Do some early checks such as attributes, these early related knowledge is the most important evidence for the purchase of late machinery.

The chain scraper conveyor is mainly used in the chemical industry, cement, copper mountain and other industries. It is the most ordinary equipment used in material transportation. It can meet the homework requirements of high-load continuous production of enterprises, and is uniquely suitable for the transportation of large-particle materials such as lump ore .

The  scraper chain conveyor is easy to organize, has a long application life, and is extremely easy to install and care. It is trusted by customers. The weight of the transported material can reach hundreds of kilograms, the transport length can reach 40-80 meters and the promise of 25° inclination For transportation, the slat conveyor is used to transport all kinds of lump or loose materials from the storage bin to the crusher, conveyor or other labor machinery along the horizontal or skewed target.

The inclination angle of the scraper chain conveyor and the terrain of the homework should be fully familiar in the course of homework. The structure of the large inclination conveyor is to glue the flexible rubber wave vertical "skirt" on both sides of the flat rubber conveyor belt. A box-shaped bucket is formed by a horizontal partition with a certain strength and elasticity stuck between the sides, so that the material can be continuously transported in the bucket.

Ordinarily used in coal, food, building materials, chemical industry, hydropower and metallurgy, etc., within the ambient temperature of -19℃~+40℃, transporting bulk materials with a specific gravity of 0.5-2.5t/m3, the correct inclination angle The selection can fully enhance the function of the conveyor, and the safety factor is higher.

The second and most important thing is to choose the material of the chain plate. The properties of the different materials are not the same. Some materials have high humidity and are more corrosive to the chain plates, while some materials have low humidity, but higher temperatures are the same. The chain plate has a lot of training. There must be early prying about the material. Select the chain plate as the transportation medium, so as to guarantee the application life of the plate chain transportation. The above is the most important thing to identify the plate chain conveyor A few points, I hope to have affirmative assistance in your purchase.

How to distinguish the quality of chain scraper conveyor

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