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How To Choose Scraper Conveyor

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Selecting the right scraper conveyor for your specific material handling needs is crucial to ensure efficient and reliable operations. Here are the steps to help you choose the appropriate scraper conveyor:

1.Define Your Material and Application:

Understand the characteristics of the materials you need to transport, such as size, shape, density, moisture content, abrasiveness, and temperature. Additionally, consider the specific application requirements, including capacity, distance, and any special considerations like inclined or declined conveying.

2.Choose the Scraper Type:

Scraper conveyors come in various types, such as drag chain conveyors, flight conveyors, and paddle conveyors. Each type has its own characteristics and is suited for different applications. Choose the type that best matches your material and application requirements.

3.Calculate Required Capacity:

Determine the required conveying capacity in terms of volume or weight per unit of time. This will help you select a scraper conveyor with the appropriate size and capacity to meet your production needs.

4.Assess Environmental Conditions:

Consider the environmental conditions in which the scraper conveyor will operate. This includes factors like temperature, humidity, and potential exposure to corrosive materials. Select a conveyor that can withstand these conditions and, if necessary, has appropriate protective coatings or materials.

5.Evaluate Distance and Layout:

The distance over which the materials need to be conveyed and the layout of your facility are important factors. Ensure that the scraper conveyor can accommodate the required layout, including any bends, inclines, or declines.

6.Scraper Material and Design:

Pay attention to the material of the scraper itself. Choose a scraper material that is suitable for your materials and doesn't cause excessive wear or damage. Scraper design can also vary, and some designs are more efficient than others for specific materials.

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