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How To Maintain Scraper Conveyor In Winter

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Maintaining a scraper conveyor in winter is essential to ensure it operates effectively and safely in cold and potentially harsh conditions. A scraper conveyor is commonly used in mining and bulk material handling applications. Here are some steps to help you maintain a scraper conveyor during the winter months:

1. Regular Inspections:

Conduct routine inspections of the entire conveyor system to identify any wear and tear, damage, or other issues.

2. Lubrication:

Use low-temperature lubricants that can withstand cold weather to keep the moving parts of the conveyor, such as chains and bearings, properly lubricated.

3. Cleaning:

Regularly remove snow, ice, and any debris from the conveyor components, including the chain, scraper bars, and rollers. Buildup of ice and snow can affect the conveyor's performance.

4. Heating Elements:

Install heating elements or systems in critical areas of the conveyor, such as at transfer points, drive stations, and along the path of the conveyor to prevent freezing and ice accumulation.

5. Belt Tension:

Maintain proper belt tension to prevent slippage. Cold weather can affect the tension of the conveyor belt, so check it regularly and adjust as necessary.

6. Rust Prevention:

Apply rust-preventative coatings to exposed metal surfaces to protect against corrosion caused by moisture and the use of de-icing agents.

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