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Development stage of coal mining scraper conveyor

Date: 2019-11-08     Tag:  Scraper Conveyor Coal Mining Scraper Conveyor     Tag:  Browsing volume:843

The growth of coal mining scraper conveyor in the production and support of coal mines has been roughly reviewed in three stages.

The first stage is a detachable scraper conveyor in the 30-40 year period. It can only be laid straight in the working plane. It needs to be manually disassembled, moved and assembled with the advancement of the working surface. The scraper chain is a plate type, mostly single-chain, such as V-type, SGD-11 type, SGD-20 type and other small-power light scraper conveyors.

The second stage is the production of a flexible scraper conveyor made by Germany in the first 40 years. It combines with the shearer and metal bracket to realize mechanized coal mining. This type of scraper conveyor adapts to the condition that the bottom plate does not obey the convex and concave, and the angle of the bump is not safe. It does not need to be disassembled during the transfer, and the coal consumption is also increased. For example, the model SGW-44 scraper conveyor at that time. It is the representative product of this stage.

In the 60 years since the introduction of the hydraulic support, in order to meet the needs of fully mechanized mining, the scraper conveyor has grown to the third stage, and a high-powered cough-bending heavy-duty scraper conveyor, such as SGD-630/75, SGD, has been developed. The -630/180 type is the product of this stage.

Development stage of coal mining scraper conveyor

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