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Summary Of Faults That Are Easy To Occur In Coal Mining Scraper Conveyor Motor

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Coal mining scraper conveyor has the advantages of firm structure, convenient installation, reverse operation, feeding or unloading at any point, and the advantages of self-receiving and conveying, which has become an important transportation equipment in coal mine production. However, due to the harsh working environment, coal mining scraper conveyor is prone to fatigue, wear, breakage and other faults, which affect production. This paper summarizes several common faults and countermeasures, and provides a basis for the daily maintenance and maintenance of technicians.

1,Motor heating

Analysis of the cause: Most of the heat is related to poor heat dissipation. For example, the fan sucks up more dust, overloads the operation, the bearing lacks oil or damage, the coaxiality does not meet the requirements, the vibration is large, and the fuse (slice) is larger.

Countermeasures: Clean the dust of the motor fan suction port, eliminate the overload factor, replace the damaged bearing, adjust the coaxiality, tighten the anchor bolt, and fuse (chip) to meet the motor parameters.

2,Scraper conveyor motor noise

Analysis of the cause: single-phase operation; bearing damage; load is too heavy or the chip and the top will crush the conveyor.

Countermeasures: Check the phase line to eliminate single-phase hazards; replace damaged bearings; eliminate overload factors.

3,Motor start abnormal

Reason analysis: overload; running parts have jamming phenomenon; coal mining face is uneven; supply voltage is low; transformer capacity is small; delay between head and tail motor is too long, so that single machine drag; motor failure

Countermeasures: Eliminate the overload factor; remove the jamming material; level the coal mining face; adjust the power supply voltage; replace the transformer with the appropriate capacity; re-set the delay between the motors; replace the motor.

Summary Of Faults That Are Easy To Occur In Coal Mining Scraper Conveyor Motor

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