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Common Faults Of Coal Mining Chain Scraper Conveyor

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Coal mining chain scraper conveyor is a common transportation equipment used in coal mine production. It is widely used in coal mining face, transportation lane, connecting lane and ground transportation. The normal operation of the scraper conveyor plays a vital role in the safe production of the entire coal mine.

(1) Broken scraper chain 

Scraper conveyor chain is of poor quality, that is, the chain material and welding processing quality are not up to standard; excessive coal loading or large coal crushing scraper; average load and large dynamic load repeated action, causing chain fatigue damage; The surface is not straight, the scraper is scratched, the chute is not straight; the corrosive water in the underground causes the chain to rust, so that the chain section is reduced, the strength is reduced; the chain is too tight; the chain is long-term friction with the middle groove and the sprocket, so that the chain section diameter Reduced, the strength is reduced.

(2) Floating chain 

The conveyor is not flat, not straight, and there is a groove; the scraper chain is too tight, and the coal is squeezed to the side of the chute; the scraper chain runs on the coal; the scraper is missing and the bend is too much; the scraper chain is plugged with meteorites.

(3) The chain on the scraper chain sprocket 

Coal mining scraper conveyor head is not correct, the second section of the head is not smooth, the base is not flat; the sprocket wears excessively or bites into the debris; the two chains are inconsistent, the scraper is severely skewed; the scraper is too thin or excessively bent.

(4) Scraper chain bottom chain out slot 

The scraper conveyor reducer is not straight and straight, the upper drum is concave and concave, and the two chains are different in length, which makes the scraper skew; the chute is seriously worn; the scraper is excessively bent, so that the two chain lengths are short.

Common Faults Of Coal Mining Chain Scraper Conveyor

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